Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween & Anniversary!

Okay so I love Halloween, mainly because it is our anniversary so we always do something really cool. This year we went to Austin and I left my camera back at the crib..

This is Aaron, he refuses to take pictures like a normal person. 

 BTW.. Dicecapades was played for the first time last night and it is AWESOME. We had a Blasty Blast.
 This was my lovely gift, along with a gift card and a trip to Austin and the San Marcos outlet malls.

Yes, I have the best boyfriend ever ever.                      Ever.

Happy 3 years!

                                                                      Our 1st Date

Here are a few things from Halloweeen, I am sad to see it go :(

 My Mantle.. filled with a buttload of all things Halloween... i wonder how long it will be until i take it down... at least a week... maybe dos.

aarons costume.. no other costume pics.. makes me very sad!
 & this is what happens when you use an industrial hot glue gun to make a costume the night before you need it anditsmidnight and your exhausted.

be careful out there.

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