Wednesday, December 21, 2011

its beginning to look alot like christmaaasssss

so, heres the deal..

I got to participate in a scarfament swap @

and my partner was Allison from

this is what i received!! :)

I got a red and a yellow snowflake ornament!!

I love them!!! thank you soo much!!! LOVE the colors in my scarf!!
Too Cute!!

Also.. I just got my new furniture in!
whoo hoo!
here are my new pieces!!!

and my two lovely boys:)


yes, its true. im officially an old woman.. not really.
i still feel like im 22.. for the most part.
but i had an awesome birthday party that i threw for myself and my closest friends..

paint party.
at the house.

best birthday ever.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My craft room disaster…

Gotta LOVE lamb chop!


I love these books o’mine!

Don’t ask what I listen to on tape….
                                                                             Harry potter.

My collection of wine bottles that have no use                yet.

My parents
Me & my dad
Guestroom bed
Books! gah, i love them.